Yoyogi Restaurant

The amount of sashimi I have been having is kinda an overkill but what the heck, I love my fatty chunks of raw fish and no, I am not sick of Japanese food (yet)!

Tonight’s fix was at Yoyogi, this Japanese joint along Mohammed Sultan Road which was recommended by my dinner date B. The reviews on hungrygowhere were not encouraging as they seemed to suggest the place was over-priced but I decided to check the place out anyway.

The sashimi moriwase platter wasn’t cheap at $88 but it did look pretty. There was a good variety of fish, but only 2-3 small slices of each –Fish Mart Sakuraya has spoilt me with their gianormous portions. Interestingly there was a “squid with roe” sashimi which had a really good bite and texture to it. It’s presented as the cross-section of a white squid and there’s white roe inside. I forgot to take pictures and I haven’t been able to google what is. If you know what it is PLEASE let me know..

The teriyaki cod and shioyaki salt we ordered was ok, nothing too challenging or impressive. I needed to get my carbo fix so I ordered a bowl of garlic fried rice to fill my stomach. Bad choice, it was dry and unflavorful. The two skewers of chicken we ordered were also mediocre, bland and a bit charred.

I’m usually very forgiving with my food reviews but $200 for the bit of food we had (including two bottles of biru) – very average tasting – was definitely not worth it. I’m sorry, but I am not going back.