Making labels!

I have a serious addition to organization (as I have said before), however..... I just LOVE labels on things!  It makes me happy!  When supplies are clearly labeled with a picture, it's as if the world has been set right again.  No one sees it's importance more than an early childhood teacher.  Upper el just can't understand the joy that this brings K-2 teachers. 

One of my favorite gifts was a label maker from my grandmother- she gets me.  I use this for smaller things that only adults would see (like on the inside of my cabinets on the shelves.  I also use TONS of Avery (and store brand) label in a sheet for the computer.  This is when the kiddos need to find things.  This helps them become even more independent!  I'll post some of the labels I made today for math manipulative tubs.

Math Tub Labels page 2
Math Tub Labels page 1