Shape Run

Considering I've been doing about 20km (cummulatively) a week, 5km really shouldn't be a problem. But I'm not a morning person and it was a bad idea drinking all that wine the night before. Although I finished the run within a respectable time, I was worn out!

Breakfast with the colleagues helped alleviate the pain somewhat. Nothing like a good bowl of prawn noodles to brighten up my Sunday. I grew up eating at this stall along East Coast Road - yum, the soup stock is as robust as I remember it. But seriously too pricey, $5.80 for a bowl of noodles with two prawns? Gulp.

I love the ngoh hiang there. It's a bit of a wait but everything is freshly made, beautifully fried and oohh I love that chili sauce! Hands down the best ngoh hiang in town.