Fish Mart Sakuraya Parkway Parade

It was moving day into the new Shoebox (affectionate name for my new apartment) and I was tired out from packing, moving, unpacking, and unpacking some more. To reward myself, I met up with fellow Katong Kia Kaisan for a nice celebratory dinner at Fish Mart Sakuraya Parkway Parade. "My treat", he said, “Order whatever you want”.

Uh oh. Those are dangerous words to tell me in a restaurant.

When we got there, I realised that Fish Mart Sakuraya had moved from a retail shop with just 3-4 seating tables, into a much bigger space with a proper seating area. They now have proper wait staff and a full menu comprising not just sushi and sashimi items, but also grilled and other cooked items – impressive! There was a queue on a Sunday night, but luckily, it moved pretty fast. Excellent, I was starved.

After we ordered some cooked items – cold salad tofu, edamame, inari sushi and grilled mentai salmon, we left our seats to pick out the sashimi at the counter. I’m not kidding when I say I went berserk over-ordering. Thick slab of kanpachi (yellowtail) please. Oh, and two thick slabs of maguro (tuna) and mekajiki (swordfish) too. Oh oh, and let’s not forget a generous serving of our favourite ohtoro (fattiest tuna)!

They weren’t big on presentation but I love how fresh, thickly sliced and creamy the sashimi was. Paired with a smooth bottle of junmai daiginjo, it was a hearty (I braved took responsibility for finishing up the copious amount of sashimi we ordered) and thoroughly enjoyable meal with a newly-discovered-old-time friend. Damage for all that food with a 750ml bottle of sake came up to $140 for the two of us, not the cheapest but it’s respectable, given the generous servings we had and how fresh they were.

Easties, lucky us, we know where to head for our sashimi fix *burp* Shiok to the max!