11 in "11 Linky Post

My family has left the house!  That's right, friends- I can think in peace without feeling the need to be the cruise director/ social director/ wife & mommy!  I love my time off from work and the ability to spend time with my family, but.... a girl needs some space after 10 days together :)  While stalking some of my favorite blogs, I stumbled upon a Linky Party with some of my favorites.  I LOVE getting in everyone elses business (Ha! Ha!).  So in the spirit, I'm linking up with Hadar @ Miss Kindergarten and Kristen @ Teeny Tiny Teacher .
11. Favorite movie you watched:
Sad, but true!  My friend and I went to the midnight showing when it opened.  We were laughing like crazy and feeling especially naughty since it was a "school night".  Was it the best movie?  No, but Edward is really HOT!  Mostly, I enjoyed the company of my sweet friend :)

10. Favorite TV series:
Keeping on the vampire theme... my favorites are True Blood and the Vampire Diaries.  However, I am so in love with Suburgatory and The Big Bang Theory right now (watching past episodes as I blog).
9. Favorite restaurant:
I am huge fan of Mexican food and Italian food!  I prefer local spots, rather than chain restaurants.  My Mexican pick is in Utica (also a Detroit location):
My Italian pick is in Rochester:
8. Favorite new thing you tried:
Teaching first grade!  I was scared at the initial thought, but am trully LOVING it!  I never imagined that I would fall in love so quickly and completely.
7. Favorite gift you got:
I actually got 2 of them this year.  I got a beautiful sterling silver stamped necklace with my kids' names on it (from my boys).  It is so sweet (and exactly what I wanted- gave hubby the link before Thanksgiving- hee, hee!)  My other.... Ta-da!

It is quickly becoming my new best friend (this from a die-hard "real book" girl.
6. Favorite thing you pinned:
Pinned Image
5. Favorite blog post:
When I forgot to "pre-read" the book before teaching about Diwali.  Pay attention to the book...
4. Best accomplishment:
I made it through the first three months of having a son in middle school.  Can I get a witness?  AMEN!  It has been a whole new world for my husband and I (and dare I say our son?).  I never expected the emotional rollercoaster or hard hard it would be to let go an have him take on his learning responsibilities (and consequences on not listening to mom and dad).
3. Favorite picture:
Each summer, we rent a cabin on Tawas Bay for a week.  I LOVE to sit and read while the kids play on the beach or in the water.  My husband joins us for a long weekend.
Tawas Bay Lighthouse (by Lake Huron).
The view of Tawas Bay from our porch.

Sunset on Tawas Bay (view from our porch).

My boys and I sitting by the lighthouse.

2. Favorite memory:
Because I go to work so early, I rarely get to put my own children on the bus or pick them up from school.  My favorite memories are simple- not vacations or special events.  I like taking my boys to school and being "the mom".  I love it when they wave me over from across the parking lot and give me that first hug (not until my middle schooler is in the car- PLEASE).

1. Goal for 2012:
I want to create balance in my life.  This has been my goal since the summer when I was thinking about the transition in responsibilities and job placement.  I always want my family to know that they come first in my life.