Happy Crabs

I read about Happy Crabs from a food blog (http://food.recentrunes.com/) and it’s been on my radar ever since. Delicious BBQ crabs at coffee shop prices. BYOB friendly. Best of all, located at Guillemard Village (old badminton hall), it’s a 5 min walk away from my new place!

So on Saturday night, I gathered my group of happy shiny people to check out Happy Crabs. At first, the westies in the group were reluctant to make the journey. By the end of the night, we all cheerily agreed it was a “damm-shiok-damm-affordable” meal, well worth their pilgrimage.

It’s a relatively new coffee shop – spacious, clean and breezy. It wasn’t crowded on a weekend night (let’s hope it stays that way). Happy Crabs is a modest stall tucked away in the corner. We excitedly ordered 3 king crabs from the stall at $25 each. Yums. They were fresh and full of creamy roe. They provide 3 sauces – chilli, mayo and wasabi with soya sauce, but I preferred the crabs on its own. The stall owner also recommended we try the fried fish. Hmm, crispy and the chili was hot and spicy, I like.

To supplement the meal we also ordered from the other stalls. I was hoping to try the thai food but it was closed. Oh well. we settled for two bowls of pig organ soup which was surprisingly satisfying, and a fried chicken cutlet from the western food stall which was well-executed.

It was sheer perfection – excellent company and plentiful good wine (my Saint Aubin was a good buy) served in atas riedel wine glasses we brought along. We paid the drink stall $1 for an ice bucket to keep our whites chilled. Shiok!