Coffee Break

There's a new man in my life and he keeps me buzzing. Introducing Uncle James, the entrepreneurial owner of Coffee Break, a small corner stall on the second floor of Amoy Hawker Centre which attracts winding queues of caffeine-starved office types everyday.

My colleagues and I have been shamelessly going back for our daily fix ever since we discovered Coffee Break. There are many varieties of drinks to select from - you have the ice blended coffee/chocolate drinks, the flavoured coffees and for the caffeine-intolerant, a good selection of honey/lime, plum drinks etc. Starbucks this is not (thank goodness), but then again the prices here are unpretentious too.

My favourite (big cup) of hazelnut caffe is only $3. The pleasure I derive from sipping it is priceless. The coffee here is perfect - not too strong but adequately robust, not too milky but smooth and creamy. I also like how Uncle James always has a smile on his face, coffee made with love indeed! You'll need to be patient though, he's a one-man-show so the queue moves quite slowly. But trust me, it's worthwhile to wait for the perfect brew.