Oops I did it again. Yes, I bought a new pair of shoes!

I recently saw local brand Shito (Alice Soedirman & Cheryl Mok) featured in some magazines and just had to check them out (Parco Millenia Walk). “Just a look”, I told myself.

Famous last words.

I was like a kid in a candy shop, omg everything was so pretty! I had my eye on two pairs, but unfortunately (or was it fortunately) they didn’t have one of the pairs in my size.

My new shoes are gorgeous right? Well-crafted wedges that’s so comfortable, edgy black mesh at the sides and that lovely lovely blue! $159 for true love isn’t too expensive.

“Exuding erotic attraction, every Shito shoe is edgy, flirty and feminine. It does what every good shoe must do: reveal the foot, enhance and display it, becoming a frame and a setting for the foot, and ultimately empowering the wearer.”