Sunshine, Wherefore Art Thou Sunshine?

( And yes, before anyone points it out, i know " wherefore " actually means who, not where. Whatever - it sounded good ).

And yes, this is another rant about the weather - i swear its like my 3rd weather post this summer, and i'm sorry..... but i just cant stand this " English " summer we're having. It is the middle of summer and it is currently 16C outside. I am at work, wearing the same 3 layers i would wear during the middle of winter ( and because our new manager has the air con turned up i am STILL freezing ). Its raining too, and is predicted to continue raining on and off for least a week. This psuedo-summer-may-aswell-be-winter weather is getting me down!

Plus, in 2 weeks Mick and I are taking Flynn away for the weekend for his very first trip to the beach. He's so excited - everytime he sees a picture of a beach, or a beach on tv he gets all bouncy and goes " Mummy - we go to beach! Flynn and Mummy and Daddy! ". Not only will it be his first trip to see the ocean, but it will most likely be the only trip away that Mick and I get this year ( as he is the only driver we have for our delivery service, he cant take holiays or sick leave ). So if i dont get at least one perfect, sunny day when we go to Nelson Bay i am going to be so disappointed. And angry and kind of upset. ( As much as you can get upset and angry with the weather - i mean, there isnt really anyone to blame is there ? )

So - is it just me, or is anyone else getting mildly seasonally depressed this summer? Are the grey days getting you down too? And you could possibly send my family all the good weather vibes you can muster for our beach trip in 2 weeks? Thanks muchly!