Piao-Ji Fish Soup

I am saving up for my pilgramage to Sushi Jiro in Tokyo next month
(~SGD500 per head for omakase!) and have been sustaining on hawker centre lunches and home-cooked dinner at my Sis' house. I have also successfully NOT been taking cabs to/from work either - rain or shine, 7am or 11pm. *Pat on own back*

This bowl of prawn/fish soup at $10 a fix, was admitedly, an indulgence. I love Amoy hawker centre on weekends - (relatively) empty and there's this chill vibe you'll never get on a busy weekday. The prawns that day were exceptionally fresh and the soup was very tasty. Add lots of chili padi and tada - the perfect hangover meal! (Yes, Yar's birthday and our heads were kinda throbbing from Royal Room the night before).

It was a good meal but I still prefer my Han Kee fish soup. $5 for generous thick slices of fish - yums. The queue is (a lot) more efficient too. We waited 30 min in line for Piao-Ji with only 6 people in front of us. Oh vell, it was a lazy Saturday and nobody needed to rush back to the office.