PKNA #26 - Time flies AND MMMM #1 - The Link

Sorry I'm late with this, guys, I was out of the country for a while. But in the meantime both Banker and zvbxrpl have finished awesome new issues:

PKNA #26 - Time Flies

MMMM #1 - The Link

(Feel completely free to just ignore the end pages of MMMM, by the way. Apparently someone at Disney decided that the whole series was just TOO bad-ass, and some silly "Oh-wait-it's just-a-film"-framing device was added. Far as I can tell, the story still works perfectly well if you just ignore the final pages and assume that everything is really happening, so that's what I'M gonna do.)

Also, Aspargus32 is getting back to translating bonus stories, so we'll probably see a lot more of those soon, too. Cool, isn't it?

Which reminds me, are there any Italian speakers out there who might be interested in translating some of the bonus content we tend to skip, but which is actually really awesome? We used to do bonus content in blog post-format - like this, this, or this - but only for issues #6-#11.
So if somebody's interested in picking that up again, let me know. If you do the words, I'll take care of the formatting. :)