PKNA #28 - Metamorphosis + bonus story #26

Banker is back with another issue INCLUDING the bonus story AND featuring some beautifully rendered bonus pages. And if that wasn't enough, Aspargus32 has finished another bonus story.

PKNA#28 - Metamorphosis

PKNA #26 Bonus Story: 5Y - Too Salt to Taste

Also, here's a little treat that a fan drew my attention to: The Secret Origin of the Duck Avenger - not the avenger we know, but one that was made as an attempt to introduce the character to American audiences.

As a fan of the Duck Avenger, the first thing you'll probably notice is that everything is just incredibly, horribly wrong. Donald is called on by his uncle Ludvig von Drake to battle the evil Zondarrians who have stolen the Universal Code from Earth... It's all pretty silly.

But it's interesting to read, and I've actually been looking for these comics for years, after having read the first part as a child. So a huge thanks to the anonymous poster for bringing it to my attention.

Actually - and I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this - these entirely silly comics are probably the main reason this site is called "PKNA - Adventures of the Duck Avenger" rather than "PKNA - Adventures of Superduck". Disney has changed the official name of the character several times, so it was hard to determine what was the proper translation when we started out.

I preferred the sound of The Duck Avenger, so that's what I went with. Looking back, I actually suspect that this American mini-comic is the only time Paperinik was actually called by the Duck Avenger name in an official Disney comic. Since then, Disney seems to have settled on calling him Superduck.

Still, we're more than 30 comics in now, so it seems a bit late to change the name of the main character. Calling him Superduck at this stage would just seem weird (to me, at least). Plus, I just plain like the Duck Avenger name. So I think we'll keep it.

Even if the comic it came from IS hilariously silly. Remember to check it out, by the way. :)