Good Lunch Deals (Part I)

Work has been crazy lately and I haven’t had much time to blog. When I get home, I gobble down dinner and vegetate in front of the TV. So much for a meaningful existence.

I dare not commit to weekday after-work plans now. Most recently on Valentine’s Day, I had a lovely Valentine’s Day dinner slice of raisin bread. B was sweet enough to pick me up post-drinks-with-his-pseudo-single mates but no, Valentine’s supper did not materialize.

Why didn’t anyone warn me about working for an American MNC?!!

No matter. This is a post about nice lunches. Given I can’t do many weekday dinners, I seek solace in my afternoon foodie fix now. These are two recent set lunch gems I found.

1. Kurosan Ginza (30 Robertson Quay, #01-10/11 Riverside View)

This is one mean Chiraishi set with salad, soup and dessert. All for $20++! On our first visit, we already preempted withdrawal syndrome and made reservations to return the next week.

Thank goodness Robertson Quay is a bit out of the work hood for most people, else I might not (for ehem selfish reasons) share this here. Not only is the bowl generously piled high with quality cuts of fish, the chocolate dessert here is absolutely delish too. Some sort of chocolate pudding - the milk/cream and chocolate combi is so yummy! Service here, in true Japanese fashion, rocks.

2. Sandaime Bunji (9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-14/15 Millenia Walk)

Talking about stretching that dollar, did you think that $9++ would get you this (see below) set? The restaurant does daily lunch set specials and the day we went it had:

Teriyaki chicken, salad, cold tofu, chawamushi, big bowl of mixed oden, rice, oxtail soup and dessert

Who would have thought that (such a quite) posh-looking restaurant like this would have such a good lunch deal?! W00t!

“Can you please not blog about this place?” B pleaded. Haha. Sorry love, I have a duty to my readers here. To give B credit, he had “discovered” this sweet deal a few weeks ago and was completely bowled over by the Gyutan (beef tongue – the restaurant’s signature) lunch set.

Watch this space. I am so going to look for more fantastic value lunch deals - I know they're out there!