Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?

Let me ask you this: what makes a good wedding?

As a bride-to-be ( in 12 weeks and counting! ) its a question i've been pondering for a while now. However, after watching this seasons first episode of the trash-tastic " Four Weddings " i started thinking - yes, its my wedding, but how much should i consider the enjoyment of others on my big day?

Mick and I are going for a laidback, casual kind of vibe with our wedding. We're having an outdoor ceremony ( on a cute little deck beside a small lake - complete with fountain! ) and our reception is being held in the private function lounge at the most " boutique " pub bar in town. We're having a cocktail reception - which means no set tables or 3 course meal, just the chance to move around, engage with everyone, and have fancy finger foods brought out for a tapas-style dinner. We're having a jukebox and a pool table, and we'd really love for it to feel like a big party with everyone in pretty clothes, as opposed to the stuffy, formal affairs that some weddings can be. I've had help from a wedding planner with decorations but have organised everything else myself.

I guess what i'm getting at is - of course the bride needs to love the big day, but how much should everyone else love it? I know no-one will be keeping score like the girls on " Four Weddings " but i'd really love for my guests to come away from my wedding saying that they really enjoyed the whole event, that its one of the best they've been to. ( You know, without sounding either too desperate or competitive... ).

What made your wedding special? Aside from the dream dress and the hair and the make-up, what was one thing that "made " the day for you? Or, as a guest, what makes for a memorable wedding experience?