The Loft

The boys (my nephews) have tuition class at East Gate on Saturday afternoons so the nice Ayi (that’s me!) decided to take them out to lunch before class. The Loft, being just opposite East Gate, was the natural choice. AL had been there and gave it good reviews.

The Loft is simply decorated with plain tables and floral upholstered seating. We sat at the ground level but I peeked up into the “loft” upstairs and it was a bigger area with sofas and a small book shelf. Looks like a nice chill out place. It was eerily empty for a weekend noon though.

The boys order the standard fish and chips ($12.90). Little Noddy, the budding food critic, announces “This is nicer than Fish & Co.. But my mashed potatoes are too lumpy.” Chuckles, the quieter nephew, just sits there with a delighted grin, stuffing his face with fried fish.

My marinara pasta ($12.90) paled in comparison to their fish and chips (which was, based on the tiny morsel my nephews shared with me, really good!). They were generous with the mussels but I just felt the pasta lacked flavor. Our appetizer of teppan calamari wow-ed me though. The squid was fresh and grilled perfectly such that it was soft and moist, not rubbery. I loved the accompanying thai chilli sauce and mopped the plate clean.

Good food at very pocket-friendly prices. Definitely a keeper!