Teacher Talk Tuesday! (ignore that I'm posting it on a Thursday)

In honor of new teachers, here is a list of my Top 10 things I learned in my 4 short years in my fabulous job.  Thank you to those who shared these pearls of wisdom with me!

10. Plan, plan, plan!  Be intentional with your teaching and make every moment count.  Over plan and carry over what doesn't get done to the next day.  You never want to be at a loss when you have 25 pairs of eyes staring at you.

9.  Your classroom speaks.  Think carefully about how your classroom reflects the learning taking place in your space.  Everything should be on purpose and for a purpose.

8.   Present yourself as a professional.  You are an educator- not a babysitter.  You should always dress and act accordingly. (This doesn't mean be a frump!  Color that hair when needed- ha! ha!)

7.  Keep learning.  Try to pick out at least one professional book each summer/ year to read that will improve your practice.  We have book clubs at our school that are a fantastic way to explore what others are doing in education.

6.  Find something to love in each and every student.  They must believe that you care about them in order to feel safe and secure, and then they will learn.  (This includes the little ones that make you want to cry in a fetal position under the desk!)

5.  Ask for advise and learn from the teachers in your building (or in another building).  It is so important to have a mentor to speak openly and honestly with on a regular basis.  It is helpful if they have similar teaching philosophies, but it's not mandatory.  The important thing is to have someone to talk with who wants to help you grow.

4.  Research your district/school's resources for learning interventions and special education needs.  There is a system and it will need to be followed in order to be an advocate for your students.

3.  Remember that your family comes first.  It's very easy to let your work consume you.  They must stay your #1 priority.

2.  Learn to laugh at yourself and enjoy your time with your students.  Laughing will make the crying times shorter.  We all get overwhelmed sometimes.

1.  Teach with your heart and never lose the idealism and love for learning that brought you to this AMAZING gift of a profession.

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