We Love Air

I am in love with the furniture at AIR. We love AIR is right - I feel so tempted to buy everything in the store!

AIR is having a sale this GSS and the timing couldn’t be better for me. I’m looking to buy a sofa for the new flat. Gorgeous the wares at AIR are, but pricey too. The 25% discount during the GSS definitely makes it more affordable for a mere mortal like me. Not that $2k for a sofa is cheap. But trust me, after hours prowling the likes of Furniture Mall and looking at ugly and not-that-cheap-either things, AIR is really a breath of fresh air. Unique, modern, quality designs!

It’s been a long-drawn process but I finally found the dream sofa. 3 expeditions to the Wilkie flagship store before I made my decision. Thanks NDee for sitting on so many sofas with me. Thanks K for getting me the additional 5% discount which sweetened the deal.

Yay, I’m having my NUBAR 3-seater customized in fabric – the loveliest shade of my favourite colour green and quality water repellent for easy maintenance. It’ll take 5-6 weeks. I can’t wait to see it sitting pretty in my living room *big smile*.