Cream Bistro

5 years ago, before I left Singapore for Shanghai, I used to frequent Cream Bistro on weekends or off days. It's one of those places I feel perfectly comfortable dining alone, reading from their rich library of fashion magazines and enjoying my old favorite seafood don. It's a huge serving of eggy seafood and rice, and I would always walk away feeling happily satiated. Perfect me-time memory.
Today, I revisited the bistro. It's amazing how the seafood don still looks and tastes the same after so many years. I've had better versions of seafood don since, but nothing beats the taste of nostalgia. Sitting there alone with the magazines, watching the crowd go by was pure deja vu.

Today, I am back to where I was exactly, 5 years ago. I feel oddly conscious that I am no longer that doe-eyed girl excitedly planning to take on the world and trying hard to make a difference. I guess life has mellowed me down and I'm just glad to be home. That bowl of seafood don is indeed comfort food for my soul.