Adventures in Baby Babble

My boy might have been a bit slow in getting up and walking but he's no slouch when it comes to talking - its jibber-jabber all day long at our house. What is pleasing to me ( and an endless source of pride ) is that a lot of this jibber-jabber is actual words, not just baby blah-blah. He's got names of immediate family members down pat ( including two Poppies, a "Grandma ", a "Nanny " and an Aunty " Pippy " ) aswell as basic toddler requirements such as " toast ", " milk ", " apple " and " bed ".

I belive the words to accompany this picture should be " cok-o-lit " and " yummmm! "

Of course, not all of these words are recognisable to outsiders - some of them only myself and Mick can decipher. For example:
  •  " Googles! " is Flynn-speak for " Wiggles! "
  •  " Cuck " translates to " truck " ( and no chance of getting that confused with the F-word... he can say that one quite clearly )
  •  " Farf " is, depending on the circumstance, either " bath " or " giraffe " and
  •  " Ont " is very important in combination with a noun, such as " Ont milk " or " Mum, ont lunch ".... yes, " Ont " is Flynns version of the all important ( and seemingly never-ending ) " I WANT ".
So it seems like just lately Mick and I are playing a constant guessing game - Flynn is at the age where his speech is developing rapidly but sometimes what he says at what we hear are two very different things, so he gets mega-frusturated. He'll point his chubby finger, and stomp his little finger and instistenly repeat a word over and over, as if to say " Mum, you know exactly what i'm talking about! ".... meanwhile i'm left trying to figure out exactly what " Mem!Mem!Mem! " means ( for the record, that one worked out as " pen " ). Despite these somewhat trying interactions ( for all of us ) its also very exciting - the time when i can sit and have crazy toddler chats with my Flynny is almost here!

What about you? What words did your toddler use that only you and they could understand?