Pizzeria Mozza

It was a long planned dinner date. We heard the rave about Pizzeria Mozza and were all psyched to check it out. The place is not big so we made our reservations well in advance (erm 3 weeks) and managed to get a slot for 7.45pm on a Friday night. Well worth the effort because the food was absolutely delish!

Kev is an ardent fan of Mozza and we let him do the ordering. Feed us please, we cheered. He did not let us down. The combination of creamy buffalo mozzerella cheese and the warm, crusty bread they served was amazing. I love the texture of the bread, slightly chewy - it made me excited about the pizzas. We also shared a big platter of mixed ham, omg I can't get enough of the lardo ham! Diets took a backseat, that evening.

We were happily "appetized" and happier from the bottles of very palatable Rosso Montalcino by the time the pizzas came. We expected the pizzas to be bigger (there was seven of us) so we quickly ordered one more. The meat lover's pizza was incredible, so glad I took a large slice haha. The salami pizza was good too. I was stuffed!

We went all out on desserts and got the caramel copetta , the banana gelato pie and (Kev insisted) the olive oil ice cream. I was a bit doubtful about the olive oil ice cream but it turned out to be a hit!

The food at Pizzeria Mozza is fantastic, well worth the hype. But I'm pretty certain it was the excellent company of my homies which made the dinner such a "wow" experience. Passionate about food. Passionate about life. You guys inspire and keep me going :)

Go with a big group to sample more of what Mozza offers. Now, can someone please take me on a date to Osteria Mozza? It's on my radar next!