Mai Thai

It has been a while since I had Thai food and I was craving it. Nothing like a bowl of potent tom yum to perk your senses and ignite your taste buds. When tasked to propose a “other than Jap” restaurant near home, I immediately thought of Mai Thai, a casual fine-dining (hmm irony?) restaurant long established at Chip Bee Gardens, but which recently opened an outlet at East Coast.

We got there at 8pm on a Saturday night and the restaurant was half-filled. It looked a bit understaffed with only the manager and a waiter, but they and the kitchen handled our orders quite competently, not bad. We ordered a few dishes to share – the obligatory tom yum soup, bean sheet (what’s that) salad, cuttle fish with salted egg (sounds delicious, doesn’t it) and pineapple rice. Be warned, portions are small. We had to order an additional green curry later on.

Food was pretty good. Nothing wow but pleasant and we enjoyed the meal. We had a few glasses of the Anakena Sauvignon Blanc to go with our meal and it was crisp and refreshing. It wasn’t the cheapest meal at $120 for two, but it’s a nice restaurant and service was good. Not sure if I’d be back though, there’s also Porn’s at east coast which I want to try.

Funny how there were 4 pairs of mixed (Caucasian guy and sarong-party-ish girl) couples sitting all around us. Probably just the neighbourhood I guess. Haha.