Welcoming summer!

I've been CRAZY busy for the last week or so- can I get a witness?  The last two weeks of school wipes me out every year!  However, this year was a bit less stressful.... I finally got to stay in the same room!  For the first time in my teaching career, I do not have to move my classroom.  I was able to focus on spending time with my little sweeties instead of packing boxes.  I actually left school BEFORE 3pm on the last day (a personal record!). 

I did something fun for the last day.... I have been spending the last two weeks focusing on a "reader-ly life" with my class. We talked about summer reading and explored different series that will keep them company on road trips. I totally borrowed this from someone on Pinterest, but I made my own template and cute- ified it.

We empty the floor space as best we can for the summer cleaning.  My actual closet is tiny and already full to capacity, as are the cabinets in the room.  The lockers are my favorite storage area and doesn't require boxes.

I put my leveled books in gallon zip bags in order to protect them for the summer.  The larger, look books and content books just don't fit very well into bags, so they get stacked on their own in a locker.

My friend from down the hall came and and said "Where are your balls?"  (Go ahead- I laughed too!).  As a tradition, I have my kiddos deflate them by laying on them.  It cracks me up me very time.  Sorry, no photo.... the camera was MIA at that moment :(  I put them in a locker, too.  In the fall, I reinflate them and my custodian will wash them.  (Go ahead and laugh.)  I get the same email every year "When can I wash your balls?"  Crude, yes- but I love it!  She's got a great sense of humor and I appreciate her!

So, as I closed out another year, I left my quiet and empty room for summer.  I'm looking forward to th time with my family, but look forward to filling this empty space with laughter and learning!

I won't be gone from the bloggy world... I'm always thinking and stalking for ideas.  I'll be checking in soon!
             Happy summer!