Student Summer Reading Plan

We still have 8 more days of learning ahead of us... that's right- I'm trying to keep the focus on learning around here (hard as it may be!).  We don't start the school year until after Labor Day, so we don't end until mid-late June.  I'm sad when I read about my bloggy friends wrapping up their year... then I realize that I'm at the beach still in August :)

I ran out of the specific units of study for reading that my district provided a week or so ago (I swear- I DID do them all!), so I have been reviewing comprehension strategies and focusing on a "reader-ly life".

This week we are learning and thinking about:
  • Readers read EVERY day- not just on school days. 
  • Readers make plans to read and set goals.
    • When can I read this summer?
    • Where can I read this summer?
    • What books would I like to read this summer?
    • Who can I discuss my books with or read to this summer?  
  • Readers can keep a writing journal to track their goals.
    • What books did I read?
    • What books do I want to add on to the list? (Making a new plan, when goals are met.)
Here are some of my students' goals that they wrote:

This makes my heart smile!

Just in case you are still making the most out of every day in school... here is the page that I used to inspire my kiddos to keep their reading goals:

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Take care for now, friends!