Purple Mustard

I had never seen purple mustard in my life. Until today, anyway. It's a pretty colour. Tastewise, it's not as spicy and edgy as I would have liked it but oh well, it's a novelty. Which was what drew B and I into the shop (ICON village), I suppose - we were at a bit of a loss as to where to grab a quick bite before our respective conference calls and the cute decor of the smallish joint caught our eye.

B ordered the signature barnyard dog (ze one with the purple stuff), a side of Asian slaw and the horchata drink. B liked his barnyard dog, though he went through very many napkins and killed many trees. A messy hotdog to eat, that one. I didn't try it but the sausage did look nice and juicy.

I thought the horchata was a tad too sweet. Not my type of drink but I imagine some people might like it.


Me, I decided on the pulled pork wrap - it had a really cute name which I cannot remember). I have been having pulled pork burger cravings for the longest time (if anyone knows of a good place please share)! 

Well the wrap wasn't too bad - I liked the asian slaw in it and they used mesclun which I love. The pork, on the other hand, didn't impress. It was lumpy, rather than pulled. A tad dry too. 

Each hotdog/ wrap cost us about $8 - $10, thereabouts. Not the cheapest snack but it was good enough to cheer me up (slightly) for a late night in the office.

The hotdogs clearly shone more than the wraps though. I still prefer the wraps at Salads and Wraps (Icon Village) - I have the stamp card!