Tatsu Sushi

Chijmes has never been a culinary hotspot for me. Sure there are a few reasonably good places such as Lei Garden but these are likely to be expensive (and often unimpressive).

Well, B proved me wrong by taking me to Tatsu, one Monday afternoon when I needed some respite from the blues. I gotta say, the set lunches here are good value! We took some time deciding which lunch sets to order, mainly because they all looked good and came with so many different permutations of sashimi, sushi, grilled fish and meats and tempura.

Finally I decided to widen my Chiraishi Horizon and ordered the Bara Chiraishi set $20 (comes with Chawamushi, soup, fruits). It wasn't the best I've had (see my post here) but for that price, there was a good mix of sashimi, grilled eel and tamago in the treasure bento box so... I was still happily stuffed.

I thought B's sushi set looked impressive. Note, the pic below was just half of his set - there was still another bento with mixed tempura and misc stuff I didn't take a picture of. All for $26 (if my memory serves me right)!

The star of the lunch were the tofus. I ordered the century egg tofu (yes I'm so predictable) and B tried the sesame tofu. OMG this century egg tofu beats the Shinjuu and Fukuichi versions hands down. It's nothing fancy but the taste of the century egg was just so robust and ... I'll definitely go back for this.

The sesame tofu was great too - very unique beancurd made off seasame with a light sauce and a precious sliver of uni on top. Very unique and well thought out dish, bravo. Another great lunch destination to check out, everyone!