Smoke Shack Breakfast

Yay new breakfast option in the CBD! I love breakfast food (who doesn't) and there's nothing like a hearty eggy meal to kick-start a long hard day at work - takes the pain away (a bit). We loved the meaty sandwiches from Smoke Shack, so when we heard they had a new breakfast menu, we couldn't resist checking it out.

It was a no-brainer for my order - scrambled egg with smoked salmon please! Yes, I am boring this way :)

It was sheer salmon-egg creaminess bliss.. Scrambled perfection without being too jelat (gotta watch that waistline) and I was surprised how generous they were with the smoked salmon. I definitely got my money's worth muhahaha.   

My second choice would have been the english muffin with eggs and cheese and ham/bacon/pastrami. Looks a bit like the Mac's Egg Mcmuffin, doesn't it? Aha! Bite into this and tell me if it tastes the same. 

The quality of the  ham/bacon/pastrami was wayyy superior - this IS the Smoke shack ya know. I don't know about you but paying a couple of dollars more for this version seems reasonable to me.

B loves his meat so I imagine he would love the Corned Beef hash set - with 2 fried eggs, grilled tomato with toast. Done properly, corned beef hash to me is the perfect marriage of savory, sweet and salty succulence. An incomparable pleasure. I haven't tried any other versions in Singapore but this one from Smoke shack was pretty darn good.  

I didn't try this but I thought the smoked salmon bagel (choice of sour cream/ jam/cream cheese) was most photogenic. 

At $3.50-$7 per set (if my memory serves me right) including coffee,  I'd say the gourmet breakfast sets from Smoke shack are a darned good deal.

Not convinced? Go check out the place yourself, it's at the basement of Republic Plaza.  Power breakfast!