Lee Kui (Ah Hoi) Restaurant

It was a wonderful dinner that ended a surreal Saturday. Lazy lunch followed by a much needed deep tissue massage. Stroll around Ann Siang Hill and “accidentally” bought a lovely vintage (I love) dress. Quick glass of bubbly at Buyan before Austrian wine tasting at Group Therapy CafĂ©.

We made a new friend (Michael Thurner, ambassador for Austrian wines) from the wine tasting and in addition to the 2 bottles of whites we shortlisted to buy to bring for the BYO dinner, we ended up with 5 more bottles of “leftovers” from the tasting. Kekeke.

B has been raving about the teochew food at Lee Kui (Ah Hoi) Restaurant and I thought free corkage – no better time than tonight to check out the place. You need “critical mass” to sample dishes so our dinner party of 6 was perfect.

First up, the cold crab. Ooh I love crustaceans! The crab was so sweet and the roe so creamy. Very fresh. Would have been even better if there were some double shells but I’d order this dish again in a heartbeat.

Next dish that REALLY impressed me was another cold dish, the jelly fish and squid. This was totally different from the normal stringy jelly fish we have. The jelly fish served (in a most interesting and savory sauce) was heartily sliced and crunchy - it was so good. Definitely must go back just for this dish.

The rest of the dishes were very good too, although the star dish for me was the jelly fish. We ordered the signature oyster egg dish, which came generously piled with oysters and I liked how fluffy the fried egg was.

You can't go to a teochew restaurant and not order steamed fish, so we did. The pomfret didn't disappoint - it was fresh, cooked just nice and I was a tad embarassed for sucking the bones dry. I can't help it! It's tak glam but the bones (especially the head) are the best part :)

Other dishes ordered included the fried prawn balls (very addictive), stewed duck in claypot and braised cabbage with scallops. The latter was surprisingly tasty. By then, we were all stuffed (with food and burp, wine) but Ken Ken wanted more..

.. He wanted to try the signature dessert, the orh nee. I took some and yes it was good but I couldn't (yes me!) finish my bowl. Too much of a good thing, haha. Damage for our 11 course meal came up to $40+ a head - FANTASTIC value considering what we had.