Mood lighting... for learning!

I'm not a fan of florescent lighting.  Period.  In fact, I would turn off half off my lights on most days and use assorted floor lamps.  I get that they are more cost-effective (yadda, yadda), but they give me a headache.  I swear the blinking when a bulb is on it's last leg will give me a seizure some day!  Anyway, I could just complain for the rest of my life, but I took the high road and decided to honor the learning environment that we were blessed with (a whole wall of windows with a great view).  Why let some light ruin our mood (and eyes!).

I did some shopping research on line and found the COOLEST product.  A company makes nylon light covers that are attached to the lighting fixtures with magnets.  They come in blue or cream.  The special ed room down the hall has blue.  It looks like this:

It's hard to tell the blue tint that it gives the room, but it was too much for me.  I didn't want to feel like I was under water! :)  Here is my room with the cream. 

It's much softer.  Teachers noticed the difference right away and have even been trying to get funds for their room.  I was able to get mine through, but they are available at Amazon .  I've had them for over a month an LOVE them.  I actually have to squint when I walk into another room.  Well, maybe not really- I do have a flare for the dramatic at times :)

Happy Friday!