PKNA #29, a bonus story - and German comics

Potentially very exciting news for German readers: The new Lustiges Taschenbuch Premium is out - and it collects the first four issues of PKNA along with a few bonus stories, some of which have never been published in German before!

Now, how awesome would it be to have an official German translation of the PKNA series? I know the series was originally cancelled after issue #12, but if there's enough interest in these premium books, Germany might actually see the series continue past that point. They might even finally do the whole series!

So if you're German, hurry out and buy this thing! Let's show Disney that there's a market for our favorite series in Germany, and that there's good reason to continue the series past this first book.

Heck, if Germany starts selling PKNA again, it might spread to other countries as well. And I know of quite a few European countries where the fans were disappointed when the series ended too soon.

Oooh, and also:

PKNA#29 - Virus


#27 Bonus story: 5Y - Gossip

Banker and Aspargus32 are awesome as always. By the way, did you see that Banker is planning a motion comic based on 'Fragments of Autumn'?