Yes it has been a very "meaty" weekend. Brawn was planned for Saturday and I would have liked to space out the meat out a bit, but my Friday dinner kaki YM was keen to show me this new steak place he had discovered so off we went.

Salta is located at ICON village, near Tg Pagar and a stone's throw from my office. The restaurant's named after a city in Argentina which is famous for beef - apparently the cattle graze freely hence their meat is leaner and full of flavor. Decor was atypical of a steakhouse - black leather and dark wood, nice comfortable ambiance.

For starters, we had the batatas fritas (sweet potato fries $5). Ok, nothing impressive. For mains, both of us ordered steak, naturally. I had the beef skirt ($31 of fatty goodness) and YM had the rib-eye. Check out the pic of my "medium" cow. To their credit, they cooked the beef just the way I like - well done with just a tinge of redness. It was flavorful enough on its own, no need for sauces. I really liked the wine prices too, we shared a bottle of Terrazas malbec for only $55, excellent value.

My only grouse is the lousy bread basket they served, the breads were rock hard - definitely not fresh. Service was a bit patchy at times but they were flexible enough to let us finish up our bottle of wine at the bar which was quite conducive for relaxing and conversation.

Excellent value for decent steak with wine. I'd vote for this rather than Brawn if I had to choose. I will definitely be back since it's right in my hood!