30 Days of Music - Days 19 + 20

Well... thank the good freakin' Lord that Blogger is working again! I tried last night and this morning to make a post and it just wasnt happening - much longer and i may have suffered withdrawals. But fear not, because Blogger is back online and so is the 30 Days of Music challenge. Where are we at ?
Day 19 - A song that makes you want to dance
So there are heaps of songs that make me wana dance - old school stuff like " Jailhouse Rock " or " Love Shack ", cheesy 80's pop songs, stuff from my childhood in the 90's. But when i really thought about it i had to go back to the days when i was a pub-rat and spent 4 hrs of a Saturday night on the dancefloor and i settled on this one -
Even though the video clip is typical Euro-trash crap, " Put Your Hands Up For Detroit " was one of my favourite pub/club dancing songs because everyone would get way into it - its a real party song. " Put your hands... put your hands up for Detroit... i love this city! "

Day 20 - A song that makes you wana rock out!
My answer for this prompt had to be a real rock song, not some light-rock crap they try to pass off as rock on the radio sometimes these days ( do i sound older than my 27 years ? ) So whats the best song for rocking with a party full/ car load of your friends?
Oh yea - you know, i know it, anyone who's ever heard it knows it - this song rocks! How can you not rock out to the chorus? Go on, try it... you cant not!