Its Over - Right?

So - by now, unless you work somewhere away from any and all types of modern media, you would have heard that Osama Bin Laden has been killed by US forces. The master terrorist, tracked and killed, by the very people he sought to extinguish. So that means its all over now - or does it?

I'm not one of these conspiracy theorists that have already popped up in the last few hours - the idealist in me wants to believe that a national government, run by The Leader Of The Free World, would not have a televised address to the nation unless that were certain of what they were saying. The realist in me, however, is afraid that by successfully killing such a man - and then celebrating it so fervently - the Western world ( namely the US and its allies ) risk revenge attacks by Bin Laden's extremist followers.

The mother in me feels that fear keenly, because she remembers the teenage girl who was traumatised by images of people leaping from burning buildings, and by soundbites of people leaving last goodbyes for their loved ones....