Target & July Currently

It is well known in these parts that I LOVE me some Target.  I don't mean a casual love, either.  I'm there about 2-3 times per week.  Some may think that I'm just disorganized or should plan better, but... it's my happy place.  Seriously, if you can't get it at Target- Do you really need it?   My boys just shake their heads when the security guards at our two Targets (I have 2 stores within 3 miles of my house) say hi to me.  Again, not like a WalMart greater hello, but a genuine "Hey, how's it going? We missed you yesterday."

As I was killing some time while my sons were at baseball practice, last night, I noticed something a bit disturbing- yet exhilarating and breath-taking at the same time.  Now that July 4th is over and on clearance.... the back to school items are out in FULL FORCE.  For those who go back to school next month, this isn't so crazy.  However, Michigan cannot start school until after Labor Day (by law).  You're killin' me Target!  Why?  Why?  Why, I ask. 

So of course, I wandered up and down the isles.... noting what was there, but I did NOT touch.  I know me pretty well.  If I touch it, it will end up in the basket and take up residence in my home office until school starts.  There are tons of cute things in the dollar bins, too.  Very SchoolGirl Style!  Definately check it out.

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P.S.  Truth must be told.... I did touch the black Sharpie 2-pack for $1 and it did come home with me.