Daily Agenda & Schedule

Having a daily schedule/ agenda posted in the classroom is so important.  At the lower elemntary grades, it helps teach the students the concept of passing time, sequencing, and gives them a sense of security in knowing that we have a plan for the day (although it may change sometimes!).

I've had the same schedule cards for a while and wanted to update the look.  I use a long pocket chart to house the schedule.  That way, I can move things each day, if needed, or make adjustments throughout the day (we all know that math just takes longer some days!).  Here is what my calendar area looks like (photo from last year).

The pocket chart on the left has my daily agenda.
Since I thought others may like a little updating, too. . . .  I just uploaded the files to my TPT page.  You can get it HERE.  If there are other items that you'd like to see added to the schedule cards, just let me know and I can update the file :)

I know some are also getting ready to start school (or at least plan).  Here is my schedule from last year for 1st semester (readers and writers workshop gets longer as they build stamina).  If you are new to first grade, this may help you figure out how to get it all in throughout the week.

Here is a LINK if you'd like a closer look!

That's all for now... I'm off to ANOTHER baseball game.  Between the 2 boys, we've only had 6 baseball-free days since school got out.  However, I do have one wicked farmer's tan!