Amphibian sex-change

Got some startling news today...
I was concerned anout one of my red-bellied toads, so when I went to pick up crickets this morning I asked the guy working about it. I told him Oddball's symptoms (as if he were WebMD), then he looked at the other guy working- then looked at me again.

PetKid: Ma'am... he's not sick, he's just fine. This happens.
Me: What? They change colors?
PetKid: He just became a she.
Me: Wha, what?
PetKid: It happens if there are only 2 in the tank. The less dominent will adapt, as if to carry on the species.
Me: That's weird.
PetKid: That's nature, ma'am.

Apparently, Oddball was perfectly named by me little student!
Rosie, on the other hand, is a boy. 
Hmmm.... Even the class pets are weird! 

I checked on the internet (because EVERYTHING you read on the internet is TRUE!), but only found one study done.  Nothing on pet store sites.  The kid was probably feeding me a line. 

In the end, I just want my toads to be happy with who they are and that they are comfortable in their own bumpy skin.... even if it means that he becomes a she.