Summer Bucket List

I'm VERY opposed to a count-down to summer in my classroom.  In fact, I even put a plea in my newsletter to parents in an effort to squelch the uprising of first-grade fever.  I said something about "the limited moments available for learning opportunities".  On a personal note.... I"M SCREAMIN' IT FROM THE ROOF TOPS!  We have about 5 weeks left which has me in a bit of a panic, but also looking forward to regrouping and spending time with my own children.  I love a a good list (and love to check them items off even more!).  I'm joining in with a few of my favorite bloggers for some fun (and distraction from panic):

Here are some off the top of my head:
  • I don't have to move my classroom this summer (first time in 4 years!), so I have a few projects in mind.  I REALLY want to fancy up the file cabinet in the back of the room.  Here is my inspiration:
link to info
I have an ugly potion of a brick wall that I need to do something with... maybe this will help.
all crafts 8 File Cabinet Makeovers {Drab to Fab!}
link to directions
  • We already have a vacation planned to Tawas, MI.  We go every year and stay in a sweet little cabin right on the bay.  My boys and I go for a week with my parents (gotta love when grandma and grandpa insist on taking care of the kids!).  The mister joins us on the weekends.  Here is where I plan to read a bunch of mind-candy books:
  • We haven't been to the Detroit Institute of Arts in a few years, and I'd like to take the boys now that they are older and can appreciate more than the restaurant and gift shop.
  • I need more space for books (even though I'm obsessed with my Kindle Fire, I still crave the smell of new books).  We are hoping to re-do our family room.  Here's the inspirartion:
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I'm sure more will come up (like a getaway with the mister without the kids!), but it's a good start :)