Waiting is the Hardest Part & FREEBIE

I'll be the first one to admit that I tend to be a bit Type-A (my husband and mother would say that is an UNDERSTATEMENT- like my mom referred to me as a pit bull).  I like to be in control and have a plan.  Due to some circumstances in our building, my room isn't ready for me to set up yet.  I shouldn't be concerned because school doesn't start in Michigan until September 4th.  (Before you get jealous- we don't end until June 14th!)  Sure, that's weeks away, but I have 2 boys in baseball and a busy few weeks with family commitments and last minute fun.

So what's a girl to do?  I already spend WAY TO MUCH time trolling blogs.  I can only plot, plan and Pinterest so much.  While in the holding pattern, I've been reworking/ updating some of my yearly forms that I use, and making things for the classroom.  My office space at home is a hot mess at the moment!

I was inspired last night by this post from a sweetie at Sub Hub:

Cllick HERE for post!

I'm more of a flower girl, so I created these for my kiddos:

I cut out the flowers with my Cricut machine and printed the circles on white paper (I ran out of yellow and couldn't drag my kids to one more store today!).  I have more pencils and a galventized buket at school that I can put these in, once I get back into the room.

Because I'm also a girl who loves a FREEBIE, Here is a template for you!  I left the part for the teacher name blank so you can sign it :)

Click HERE to download a pdf.

Here's to waiting.... and enjoying the last moments of summer!