DD Minus 18 - Ranty Pants

I'm not ashamed to admit it.... today I broke down and had a little cry. At 37w3d you would think I would still be relatively happy to have bub in there, but today I found myself incredibly frustrated and anxious that Miss Jelly hasn't arrived yet.

I'm incredibly keen to met her of course, to see what she looks like and discover what type of little personality she has.... but its more than that. I hurt, high up near my ribs, during the day (thanks to being short in the torso ) and at night it feels like I'm sleeping with a rock stuck under my side. It hurts so much some nights I have a little cry while Mick sleeps comfily next to me. And, seeing as this is my second bub its very unlikely that she'll engage and drop down until I'm in labour.... so the only relief will come in getting her out!

So sorry for the dampener and my ranty little whinge. I promise I'll try not to do it again.... its just as a lady in her last 18 days of pregnacy I reserve the right to change my mind!