Friday Flip Offs

Friday Flip Off time again - as brought to you all by Gigi at KludgyMom.

To 24 hour bugs - especially the one that decided to plague me last Saturday night. It is a well known fact that i hate throwing up, i hate the spasms in your stomach and the pain that comes when you have nothing left in that stomach to bring up anymore. Therefore, i hate you... so flip off!

To Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister - how bout you try giving us a straight answer for once, instead of carefully worded spin? Or how bout you try taking the blame or the responsibility for some of your stuff ups and/or retractions, instead of palming off on someone else? I didnt vote for you last time and i wont vote for you this election either so... flip off!

To people who use their Facebook statuses as a weapon - that is, those people who use their statuses to show off, thus making other feel inadequate. Its just not nice. You can be proud of something, or happy about something, without being arrogant. Sometimes i read your update and want to say " yea? who cares.... flip off!

To the soup i made tonight - you were an fail. Not quite an epic fail, but you werent any good. I've re-read the recipe and i've read other recipes for the same soup - and i think you called for way too much stock. You ended up, somehow, both watery and lumpy at the same time, instead of thick and creamy. Consequently, i threw most of you out.... flip off!

And thats all i have this week - truth be told, i've had a pretty good week. Flynn's been much better, i havent been sick, we had a great day yesterday hanging out with our mums group friends and a great day today over at Grandma and Poppy's. I guess its nice to not have much to Flip Off! But if you do, feel free to join in the fun....