50 Films I've Seen. And Loved. And Would Totally Watch Again.

Yep - i think the title says it all. Todays posts is a very special Blog This! challenge - the brief this week reads:
50 Things...Take your pick, this one is open. 50 things I want you to know about me; 50 things I would do if I won lotto; 50 things I want to cook; 50 things I have photographed; 50 things I want for my birthday; 50 things I would like to tell my ex....
It's up to you, whatever you want to tell your readers.
So, in case the blog title wasnt quite literal enough for you, my " 50 things " is a list of 50 films i've seen and really loved and would watch again. Some of them are childhood favourites which i've already watched over and over; some are films i've watched and kind of liked, so i've bought them on dvd so i can re-watch them on rainy weekend afternoons; and some i've only seen once but would watch again given the chance. Here goes ( in no particular order ):

1. " The Never-ending Story " - loved Atreyu, i cry when Artex dies in the Swamps of Sadness and, as a child, i was totally scared of The Nothing. An 80's childhood classic.
2. "Annie " - Tomorrow! Tomorrow! yep, as a girl i sooooo wanted to be a redheaded, singing, dancing orphan...
3. " The Princess Bride " - Inigo Montoya rocks, and Buttercup and Wesley would probably make my Top 5 film couples list ( if i had one ). Ah, true love.
4. " Empire Records " - one of Liv Tyler and Rene Zellwegers early screen outings. Its set in a record store - coolest place to work EVER.
5. " Young Guns " - even though i was only around, maybe, 10 years at the time, i loved me a piece of Lou Diamond Phillips. Pity age caught up with him...
6. " Forrest Gump " - even though critics out there alwasy deride this as " schmaltzy ", i love it. It has all the best quotes, the coolest soundtrack and one of the most loveable characters of all time.
7. " The Little Mermaid " - one of my favourite childhood animations. Even now i still sing snatches of the songs to Flynn - and if i had a pet crab, i'd name it Sebastian.
8.  " Chocolat " - Johnny Depp. Juliet Binoche. France. Chocolate. And its based on one of my favourite books. Wait, did i say Johnny Depp?
9. " School of Rock " - its funny and sweet and crazy. Plus it stars an awesome rock'n'roll soundtrack and Jack Blacks awesome eyebrows. I aspire to those eyebrows and their crazy tricks, i really do.
10. " Dogma " - Kevin Smiths best. And Alanis Morrisette as a rockin' female God? If i were a believer, thats what i'd want...
11. " Almost Famous " - i went through a period of imagining myself as a young Rollingstone journalist. This movie was like my ultimate fantasy. It would be worth it for the whole " Tiny Dancer " sequence alone.
12. " Gladiator " - i saw this twice in cinemas, own it on video ( oh yea, on VIDEO ) and have watched it numerous times. The soundtrack is also rather stirring, especially the music played over Rusty's *SPOILER * dying scenes.
13. " The Crow " -  i do not have the time nor space to fully describe why i love this one. Its my all-time favourite movie and so far i've only discovered two other girls that have ever seen it ( shout out to you, Brea ).
14. " Pleasantville "- its the costuming and the gorgeous " black and white to colour " cinematography that gets me with this one. Also - Paul Walker is pretty.
15. " Dazed and Confused " - Slaters whole marijuana-fueled spiel on George Washington makes me laugh. So does Mathew McConaugheys moustache. Just keep l-i-v-i-n!
16. " Pans Labrynith " - quirky, and foreign, and spectacularly beautiful, both in imagery and in theme. Guillermo Del Toro is a genius.
17. " The Muppets Movie " -  The Muppets ? In a movie ? Who wouldnt love that?
18. " Transformers " - ok, yea the critics say it sucks. And yea, the plot ( or what there is of one ) has some might big holes. But its stuff blowing up, and Transformer robots, and awesome CGI - thats stuff is cool!
19. " Amelie " -  i've already written a whole post on this one. I heart this film. That is all.
20. " Reign Over Me " -  if you havent seen this one, go out and find it. I rate this as Adam Sandlers finest dramatic performance. Its totally heartbreaking though, so grab yourself some tissues.
21. " American Pie " - the quintessential high school comedy of my generation. Its kind of rude, yet has its tender moments. Sort of. Either way, that pie scene was hilarious!
22. " The Breakfast Club " -  and onto a quintessential high school film of the generation before me. It may have come out the year i was born but it just got to me. Judd Nelson was way cool - you know, for a bully.
23. " A Streetcar Named Desire " - A classic for many reasons. One of which is the scene where Marlon Brando is coming home from work in his white t-shirt. That man, in that scene ? Sex on legs my friends, sex on legs.
24. " 13 Going On 30 " - its all bubble-gummy and cutesy. But as far as chick flicks go, i love this. The sweet Jennifer Garner, the divine Mark Ruffalo and the " Thriller " dance. Sweet as.
25. " Shaun of the Dead " - i'm not big on horror films but horror film spoofs? Especially one as clever as this? Count me in! Which reminds me - i need to get myself a cricket bat in case of zombie attack...
26. " Moulin Rouge "  - i love me some Baz Luhrrman. And this movie is so pretty and sparkly and woo! Plus, i wana live in that elephant. You know, just without the whole being a prostitute.
27. " Benny and Joon " - sweet, and funny and romantic. Benny and Sam are so odd, but they're odd together, and thats all they need. Ooh, and did i mention Sam is played by Johnny Depp?
28. " Breakfast at Tiffany's " - Audrey Hepburn at her most glamorous. Love the dress, love the city, love the characters. Ooh, and love Tiffanys!
29. " Reservoir Dogs " - oh Quentin Tarantino, you loveable kook, you. Everyone has a colour-coded name, people get their ears cut off, and the soundtrack is groovy. Classic Tarantino...
30. " Cyrano De Bergerac " -  you know what? Gerard Depardieu in English ? Lame. Gerard Depardieu in French ( playing a classic French hero ) ? Funny. And at turns oddly grumpy and sweet. Also sweet? Vincent Perez. Yum....
31. " V for Vendetta " - awesome graphic novel adaption. Its politically motivated, sure, but stuff blows up and here are great fight sequences and Natalie Portman looks rather fetching with a bald head.
32. " Beauty and the Beast " -  another one of my Disney favourites. I want to sit down and watch this one with my neice - introduce her the beautiful songs and " beauty is on the inside " message.
33. " Love Actually " - i think this is my favourite chick flick. It's funny and smart and has such a wonderful cast. This is one of those films that, whenever its on tv, i'll watch it.
34. " Edward Scissorhands " - the most beautiful of Tim Burton's fractured fairytales. I watch this at least once a year and still come to the brink of tears at the end. Oh, and did i mention Johnny Depp ( even in all that makeup ) ?
35. " Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King " - of course i've seen them all, but this one is the most action-packed, and it asnwers all the questions ( except, whether Sam and Frodo ever got it on ). Also, Aragorn is at his most rugged in this one. Scrumptious.
36. " Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest " - and while we're on films that are part of a trilogy, here's my choice from the POTC series. Johnny and Orlanda at there most gorgeous, that crazy tentacle beard and that snotty Lord Cutler Beckett. Oh, and did i mention Johnny Depp?
37. " Saved! " -  a very clever little film. Proves that Maculay Culkin is funny ( when he isnt all strung out ), Mandy Moore can do more than sing, and that Jesus is the Devil. See what i did there? Trippy.....
38. " Say Anything " - John Cusack has aged so well. Go back to this 80's effort and he's freckly and kind of geeky but still totally cool. And sweet. Doesnt every girl want a boy to serenade her with a boombox outside her window?
39. " Mean Girls " - another clever chick flick ( thankyou Tina Fey ). It is also a reminder of what Lilo used to be .... you know, normal and talented.
40. " Hairspray " - this musical is all frizzy, and fabulous and it makes me happy. I think if i'd been around 13 years old when it came out i may have been in love with Zac Efron.
41. " The Lion King " - doesnt everyone love this film ? And doesnt everyone hate Scar? Yes, and yes. This is one i want to show to Flynn when he's older.
42. " Pride and Prejudice " - the Keira Knightley version. This is one of my favourite books of all time, and i just love this adaptation of it. I know i've said it before, but i totally want to be Elizabeth Bennett...
43. " The Dark Knight " - soooooo worth it for Heath Ledgers performance alone. Plus, Batman is my favourite superhero. Which reminds me, i really need to get my copy of this back from my brother...
44.  " Don Juan Demarco " -  a film that speaks to the romantic in us all. Sure, Marlon Brando is old and fat but he still rocks - and i have mentioned the ever delectable Johnny Depp?
45. " Somethings Gotta Give " - Jack Nicholson at his twinkly, lady-loving best. At least in this one he's loving a lady of appropriate age - the beautiful, funny Diane Keaton.
46. " The Truman Show " - i initially liked this because it was Jim Carrey without the rubbery goofiness. On second and third watches i loved it for what it said about society at the time ( the days BEFORE " Big Brother " ). Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight!
47. " Roman Holiday " - if " Breakfast at Tiffanys " is Audrey at her most glamourous, this is Audrey at her cutest. I love the whole look and feel of this film, and it makes me want to run away on a Roman adventure.
48. " Romeo and Juliet " - Baz and his brilliance again. This is manic and modern and hip and made Shakespear trendy. And that fish tank scene ? Awww....
49. " Rent " -  so many people hate this movie or, at the very least, think its a bad adaptation of the stage musical. Not me, i love it. This is the movie i watch when i need a pick me, despite the dying and disease and stuff. Its the music and the friendship and the love. It makes me happy.
50. " The Usual Suspects " - Keyser Soze? Spin out!