Another Friday Flip Offs

Welcome reader type persons - its time again for Friday Flip Offs, the brain child of Gigi at KludgyMom, and the bestest way to release the weeks stresses!

To teeth - hurry up and grow into my sons mouth already! He's been drooling and rosy-cheeked for almost 2 months now and Monday i discovered a small slit in his gum. Wednesday there was a second slit. Today there is two tiny white caps showing in those slits. All week my son has been wailing, crying his poor little lungs out. So, for God's sake, hurry up and pop all the way up so he can get smiley again - only this time with teeth. Otherwise, why dont you just FLIP OFF!

To cold mornings - you suck. It has been well noted that i very much dislike winter and cold weather in general, therefore i was not impressed with it being -3 degrees celsius when i had to get up this morning. -3 degrees? Yea .... FLIP OFF!

To bragging mums - either those who like to brag about what their children can do, or those who brag about what their children have. I'm all for being proud of your children but you can do that without making other children, or mothers, feel/look bad. It should be more " Look what my child can do! " not " Look what your child CANT do! ". You know? And for those of you who like to think that buying an $80 piece of plastic to help your child learn to sit up makes you awesome.... it doesnt. If you want to spend money on things like that ( and yes, if you havent guessed, i'm talking about a Bumbo ) then thats great, but just because i dont, or cant afford to, doesnt make me a bad mother. For the record, we dont have a Bumbo and my son can already sit on his own - because i sit on the floor with him and practice. So there - FLIP OFF!

To the old man who pulled out of his parking space without looking and almost hit me - i have a baby on board; you have mirrors. Use them, dude, use them. Lucky you didnt hit me or you know what you would have got? A great big FLIP OFF!