Another Friday Flip Offs

Welcome once again to Friday Flip Offs, the end-of-week stress reliever, brought to by Gigi over at Kludgy Mom. Joining us in virtually flipping off all those things that have annoyed you this week, thus saving your friends and families from your real life wrath. Have at

To the washing man machine repair people - who sent back my machine unrepaired. After having Mick take the machine into the shop ( rather than you come to our home ) you returned it saying there was nothing wrong with it. We paid you $30 for this privilege. Upon doing a (thankfully ) small load of washing i discovered that it still wasnt spinning properly and washing was still sopping wet. Mick hasnt had time to take it back in this week - as you want to charge us a further $66 that we cant afford to come to our house and look at it - so it looks like i'll be without my machine for the third week running. Its getting really inconvenient to pack up my baby and a basket of washing and go out to do the laundry. Fix my damned machine or FLIP OFF!

To the NSW State of Origin selectors ( again ) -  job well done doodleheads. Instead of showing a bit of faith in a team that only lost the first match by 4 points, you chopped and changed 7 players and we lost the second game 36 -4.... and this years series. For the fifth straight year. If it were up to me i'd fire the lot of you... FLIP OFF!

To brownies, and slice, and all the stuff i love to bake - i love you, really i do, but your slowly making me fat. Not that fat is necessarily bad, its just not where i want to be. Therefore, i will only be baking once a week from now on - on a Wednesday, for mums group on a Thursday - and if the urge strikes me to bake any other time i will have to tell it to FLIP OFF!

To Pim Verbeek, Socceroos coach  - I know almost nothing about soccer, but i even i know the decision to NOT play our two best forwards was pretty damn stupid. You upset my brother and you upset the rest of the soccer-loving nation. Frankly i think most people cant wait til the World Cup is over and you can just FLIP OFF!

To my bathroom - which needs to be cleaned. Can't you just learn to clean yourself? Don't get me wrong, its not filthy or anything.... the floor is just covered in my hair ( damn breastfeeding! ) and the bath is accumulating a nice light covering of dust ( where the baby bath isnt sitting ). Its just with Flynn's teething this week, and subsequent clinginess and grumpiness, i just havent found time to get in there. So get thyself clean or FLIP OFF!