PKNA #22 - Fragments of Autumn + bonus stories

Bonus stories by Aspargus32, and issue #22 by Banker. But you've probably figured out the system by now.

PKNA #21 Bonus - Starring the Great Burton laValle
PKNA #22 - Fragments of Autumn
PKNA #22 Bonus - Extracts from the Info Guide S.U.P.E.R.

Unfortunately MegaUpload has been taken down (the entire site!), so we're down to our MediaFire links now. I'll probably set up some mirrors soon, just in case, but for now this is what we have.

I have a request for anyone who'll help me, though: We're missing issues #0-#11 because they were only hosted on MegaUpload. The files are still somewhere on my computer, but it'll take me a while to find them and make sure it's actually the final version. My back-up file-keeping isn't particularly organized.

So if you happen to have downloaded some or all of these issues from the site and have them readily available, could you upload them on MediaFire and post a link in the comments? I'd appreciate the help very much.