Whoa! Things to come...

I seriously feel like the last 2 weeks have been a complete world-wind, crazy, exhausting blur of activity.  I am absolutely in LOVE with my new batch of littles!  They are funny, smart and have such a caring spirit.  I dropped a book one morning (needed more coffee!) and one of my sweeties says to me, "It's okay Mrs. Smyth.  We all make mistakes.  It's just important to be more careful."  Very hard to keep a straight face as he was patting my back!

Although I've been absent from my blog since school officially started, I have been plotting and planning.... just in a notebook, rather than on line.  I mentioned before that I get struck with ideas at odd times (usually the shower or during monotonous activity).  My thoughts are definitely sketched out, now I just need to get them down for you to read!

Next week, I'm going to share my passion, tips and tricks for word study (by default- I'm a teacher trainer in our district) with a full week of Words Their Way.  I will include a bunch of pictures so you can witness the crazy that is first grade word study.

Here is my plan so far:

Monday: Scheduling and Planning
Tuesday:  Open and Closed Sorts
Wednesday: Additional Activities & Practice Opportunities
Thursday: Word Work books
Friday: Game Day!
I'm off to watch some mindless TV, while reading over some student writing.  Happy almost-weekend!