PK2 - The Final Issues

And here we are. Banker has done it people, and in less than five weeks. The entire series of PK2 translated. Look on his work, ye mighty, and despair!

And now: The final two issues of this awesome series.

PK2 #17 - In the Fire

PK2 #18 - Family Affairs

 The end.

I haven't had time to read them yet (and I do NOT want to rush through this), but I am excited as HELL about getting to read these.

I don't know if Banker secretly loves it or hates it when we praise him to the skies - either way, I'm sure he'll reply with some cuss-filled sarcastic quip - but either way: I think we can all agree that the work he's put into this is truly awe-inspiring. And I know we're all thankful for it.

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