The Sharpest Pencil in the Box!

It's like I have a sickness.... I adore office/ school supplies.  I love the sweet smell of sharpened pencils in the morning!  Towards the end of last school year, my teacher partner and I began to fantasize over a little pencil sharpener that we have been seeing around the Internet.... best of all, it's been teacher endorsed and the company is run by a teacher.

Firehouse Red

If you haven't met this precious little thing... let me introduce you to another back-to-school must have! 

It arrived fast- like within the week!

I tested it out.... totally loved it.  However, the true test is whether a first grader can do it (thus leaving me alone to teach the rest of the class!)
We started school this week- I know, it's a Michigan thing.  Anyway, in preparation for the littles that seem to literally eat pencils each year, I asked a 5th grade helper (Alex- Nature Girl's son) to test it out.  Yes, I conned him into working for me in order to figure out the mechanics of it all (he's THAT kid- I'm sure he would have dissected it if I weren't there!).  Alex was amazed.  I was amazed at Alex's excitement.  Again, a teacher's kid!

We all know that the true test of all sharpeners is the colored pencils.  I'm happy to say that I sharpened about 3 dozen of those before I hit a snag.... cue sad music.  I panicked.  Oh, crap- I broke it!  I didn't really, just broke off a tip when I was watching True Blood PBS.  I easily took it apart and shook out the lead.
This week, I also had some firsties test it out.  They didn't know why (we had 50 sharpened on the other side of the room), but did it anyway.  They are 6 years old- they'll agree to just about any "helper" jobs, no matter how lame :)
There you have it!  A true test of a new favorite.  Now, to make sure my hallway teachers don't snag it from my desk.

Click HERE for more information or to purchase.

Hurray!  I made it through the first week back to school!