Such a cool gift!

Can I just say how much I appreciate my school's parents?  Even though there have been many years where they were not able to help directly in the classroom, I have always felt supported and valued in my school.  Friday was no exception!  This year, I asked that parents donate to rather than buy a gift for me.  I am very blessed and don't need much in the way of material things :)  However, my classroom is always in need of items to enhance my students' learning.  So many parents gave and I can't wait to see my kiddos' faces when the boxes arrive after the holidays.  

However, there are always some parents who force me to accept a gift that is just for me (tossing all thoughts of altruism out the window!).  I got a few precious and meaningful items from my sweeties who just insisted on spoiling me.  Here is one of my favorites, which I fully intend to steal the idea and give to my sons' teachers at the end of the year!

Dark chocolate bars with dark chocolate kisses in the vase!

 In case I lose track of time and get to busy....
 Have a very Merry Christmas!