For the love of coffee!

There are times (few) when teaching and family are not on my mind.... because it's winter break, I have more time to get annoyed by little things that wouldn't bug me during school.  Although it's not a teaching tip or a freebie, you may just find yourself in a similar situation that can make or break your sanity (which will eventually impact your teaching).  Please indulge me and my rant this morning :)
So, after a week of being annoyed at my beloved Keurig coffee maker (brewing 1/2 cups for no reason), I looked it up on Bing. Come to find out, I'm not alone.  The only solid solution people had was flipping it over and giving it a good spanking.  That's right, spanking the bad coffee brewer!  At this point, I have time and sub-par coffee.   I flipped it over and went "Office Space" on the thing.  I'm now enjoying a FULL cup of Caribou Morning Blend with some eggnog in it.  Happy holidays, love Keurig!