My Inaugural Friday Flip-Off

Hello there reader-people. Today i take part in a great little initiative that i found via Sian at Pumpkin and Piglet ( although it is the brainchild of Gigi at Kludgy Mum ). Its called Friday Flip-Off - its basically a weekly outlet of rage. You know, so we dont take our shit out on our nearest and dearest. So sit back, relax, and enjoy my end of week rant.

To the common cold - you've managed to infect everybody in my house, including my little bubba. This has meant little sleep, lots of crying ( on my behalf aswell as bubs ) and itchy, scratchy sore throats... flip off!

To the selectors of the NSW rugby league team - i am sick to the death of you people. Seriously. Could you please stop picking players out of position and start picking some players with a bit of passion, regardless of their age ( wink, wink, nudge, nudge Nathan Hindmarsh ). If you persist in stuffing we NSW supporters around, i may just have to move to Victoria and pretend that i dont care anymore. And i dont want that to happen. So get your act together or....flip off!

To people who dont know how to correctly negotiate a roundabout - its not hard. Give way to your right; stick to your own lane; blink off when existing. The next time someone cuts me off or uses their blinker incorrectly, i'm going to give them the finger and tell them to ....flip off!

To my neighbours dog - stop shitting on my lawn. Stop barking in the wees of the morning and when i am trying to get back to sleep after a breastfeed. Stop scampering through my flower bed and kicking the wood chips everywhere. You dirty, mangy, fluffly little mutt....flip off!

To the washing - please stop piling up everywhere. Dirty, clean, doesnt matter - you are taking over my house. I know that technically this is my fault for being all depressed like this week and not being motivated enough to even contemplate washing/folding/putting away, but if you could just learn to wash/fold/put yourself away ( magically ) that would be awesome. Because right now, you're the bane of my existence...flip off!

P.S I dont know how to include the blog hop thingo, so if someone could help me with that for next week, that would be great.
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