I've Reached A Triple Century!

Hello, and welcome to this special, 300th post edition of " New Adventures In Dreamworld ". Yes, thats right, i've reached my 300th post on this version of my blog, and i'm lead to believe this may be cause for celebration. So wooty woot for me!

I was hoping to get an introduction written by my oldest reader for this post, but it seems she may be out of reach ( or so i would be lead to believe by the lack of response. If your reading this Sheena, i still love you... ). I was also hoping i could get some big celebrity guest to pop by and tell you how much they love me - but, unfortunately, i dont actually know any celebrities and turns out i cant afford to buy Johnny Depp/George Clooney/Drew Barrymores adoration. And so, in lieu of having no celebrity spruikers and one missing-in-action reader, i thought i'd trawl through the past 299 posts and bring you my Top 5. These post are either my favourite because i enjoyed writing them, i enjoy re-reading them, you people seemed to enjoy them or they relate to a beautiful memory. In chronological order:

1. You Know That Album? This one was about my favourite album from high school. Music has always mattered to me, but it really meant something during  my high school years. This was also one of my first posts on this blog, and it got good reception from my (few) readers at the time, so this was a post that sticks out in my mind as a "good" one.
2. Amy's Hall Of Attractions A list of the five men i find attractive that illicit a WTF?!? Go on, click the link, check them out.....you  know your curious now. This post was fun to write and it got good comment action. Everyone loves a good list, and theres always debate who's included, who isnt, and who you'd pick instead...
3. International Relations A co-blog with Andy from WildARSChase. Co-blogs rock ( my services are available if anyone is interested... ) and could this one not? We had an American, an Australian and a whole bunch of stupid generalisations. Andy has since gone on to co-blog with much better writers than me but hey, it was fun while it lasted.
4. The Making Of Me: A 10 Year Retrospective This one is exactly what it says it is, so if you've only come to my blog fairly recently, click that there link and you'll learn a whole bunch about little 'ole me. I would have said that you'd learn everything there is to know, but thats not true - a lady has to retain some mystery. That being said, this was a pretty important blog post. It opened me up to my readers just that little bit more, and i think by sharing with you all, some of past lot a bit of its murk. So to speak.
5. How Was It? Can I Get A Woo Hoo! This post features my famous patented dating scale. Why would it feature a dating scale? Because this is the first post that featured my gorgeous ( now ) fiance. Yep, its the post that i made after my first date with Mick, who then went by the mysterious nickname of Mr Gil. And for that reason, this post gets to be in the top 5... it reminds of my lover-boy and everything wonderful thats happened since!

So there you be - check those out if you missed them the first time round. Now, i know its customary to offer some kind of giveaway for blog milestones and, in truth, i did think about it. But, unluckily for you all, i couldnt think of anything that i could get and give away as a prize so...umm...sorry people. However - i love you guys big lots, and i want to make you all happy ( see, thats the people pleaser in me, coming out again ) so.... i want your suggestions. I'm going to post every day for the next five - which, in itself, is unusual - but i want you guys to pick my topics. Take yourself down there to the comments section and leave me a comment with what you'd like me to write about this week. Big, small, scary, TMI...whatever you want!

Also, feel free to leave comments telling me how much you love... i like those.
Oh, and PS: if you can help me make it to 50 followers by my 350th post, that would be muchly appreciated also. Thats my new goal!